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Shavron offers you personal lawn and plant care.


 We’ll come to your home or office, make a detailed assessment of the lawn, garden or both and then develop a treatment strategy to suit your pocket while giving optimum results. Furthermore, if need be, we will offer advice on your irrigation system. We personally supervise and you can rest assured that your loved ones or colleagues are safe with our cleared staff.

There is nothing more frustrating for those with and without green fingers when plants show signs of disease or pests after hours of tender loving care. Rest assured you have done nothing wrong. Pest and disease can be seasonal and depends on the climate, wind and water supply. Whether it is spots on leaves or a snail dilemma, give us a call and we’ll gladly come to your home, make a quick assessment and provide the treatment needed for a happy, disease- and pest-free garden.

“The grass may be greener on the other side of the fence, but you still have to mow it.” Anonymous

Your lawn, whether it is for home garden, office or sport can be seen as a living carpet. Its condition can either enhance, or detract from, the picture we wish to create.

Shavron will focus on the following aspects of your lawn care

Fungal Disease and Insect pests

Upon initial inspection Shavron will quickly determine if there are any fungal diseases or pests responsible for your turf problems. Weed is the most common problem, but we have discovered that a happy lawn is a weed free lawn as the weed seed blown about or dropped by birds cannot germinate as they lie on top of the grass.

In case of weed or fungal treatment, we can offer you the choice of Organic Environmentally friendly treatments versus Chemical Treatments. In the current climate of green thinking we encourage people to consider organic treatment although the results take more time than chemical treatment where one can immediately see a difference. We cannot prescribe, only advise you on the benefits of various treatment methods.


When your lawn has not been treated for a while, you will find that the soil is hard and that water lies on top instead of draining through quickly. The roots need more oxygen to encourage better growth. We use a process called scarifying, allowing the soil to breathe again and nutrients to enter. We will open the soil in regular spacing and patterns, to make sure every inch is covered and ready for fertilisation.

Another common problem is grass that remains after mowing or trimming, effectively cutting off sunlight from growing grass. This is called thatching. Although thatching has its’ place in serving as a protector on hot summer days it can cause damage to growth in the long run. Scarifying will help to address thatching and prevent patches from forming.


The next step in the process is food. Your grass may lack some vital nutrients it requires for optimum growth. We will look at your source of water and the ph of the soil to make sure we give your lawn the right treatment. A good top dressing can also add value and nutrients to the soil.


The grass has been analysed, aerated, fed with nutrients and all it now needs is water. A correct watering system is the basis of a successful lawn. Sufficient dampness at root level makes for ideal growth and ensures that nutrients are absorbed. Shavron will investigate your soil type and make recommendations on irrigation with your current equipment to save you cost. Give us a call to give your home, office or sports turf a new lease on life by following these basic steps in a planned treatment programme.

Keep your home, office and garden free from pests


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